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Swap Panini, Topps, stickers and trading cards for free

Monday, April 18, 2016

Stickerpoints is the best website to swap Panini and Topps, stickers and trading cards online.
We’ve got a quick guide that shows you how the site works and more importantly - how to start listing your sticker swaps and cards. If you would prefer - just watch our Short video tutorials – they only last a minute and explain everything you need to know to find those missing stickers and cards online now.
There's a new easy way to find sticker matches!
You can now quickly paste your complete list of stickers and cards you need and Stickerpoints 'User best match' will find the best user to trade with. Click here - Give it a go.
When you first register and add more than 40 stickers, or 25 cards or 4 figures to the site - your account will be credited with 60 stickerpoints to start trading right away.

Stickerpoints latest collection - 2016 NFL Sticker Collection

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Stickerpoints news Image -Mention us on social media we'll give you extra stickerpoints

Mention us on social media we'll give you extra stickerpoints

Monday, March 7, 2016

If you Tweet, link to us us on Facebook, Google+, Instagram or even subscribe to our YouTube channel we'll give you bonus stickerpoints.
The more users we get - the more users you will have to swap stickers and trade cards with.
Just use the quick links on the right hand side of the page - you're only a click away from finding all your missing stickers and completing your Topps and Panini collections!

Stickerpoints news Image -Ever wondered just how much it costs to complete a sticker album?

Ever wondered just how much it costs to complete a sticker album?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Well, it’s been worked out by a number of Statisticians – and it’s a lot more than you would have ever expected.
I’ll use myself as an example - I’ve just started collecting the UEFA Champions League 2014-2015 sticker album and it’s got a pretty decent total of 634 stickers to collect...

Stickerpoints news Image -Stickerpoint Shout Outs

Stickerpoint Shout Outs

Monday, December 21, 2015

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A special shoutout and many thanks to James aka lonewolf2542 from Pittsburgh, PA, who's been a BIG help getting the Stickerpoints word out there, as well as providing US sports resources.

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