Which users have what I need? 'User best fit'

If you don't want to have to go through every page of each collection looking for an ideal trading partner to buy stickers and cards from try the 'User best fit'. You select the collection and items you need and then we give you a list of the best trading partners.
This doesn't mean that the users appearing in the search will have everything you need - but they will have a greater proportion of matches than any other user.


1) Paste in a list of stickers/cards for the collection selected in the drop down list above.
2) By default the items you paste will be separated by a comma, but you can change this to whatever you like (only one character allowed though).
3) When you have added your list click 'Search Users Collections'.
You will be shown a list of the users that best match your requirements based on your search.

Choose a separator, a single character that splits your list of stickers (comma is default):